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Thank you for supporting the arts by making a tax deductable donation to Over Our Head Players Inc. The arts need your help now more than ever. Over Our Head Players Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Community Theatre Organization.

Over Our Head Players has been producing live Theatre in Downtown Racine since 1992. Our commitment has been to provide our audience with a high quality "fresh and unique theatre experience." Over Our Head Players works with volunteer Artists, Directors and Designers from Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Everyone involved in the original cast and crew signed on to work for free – love of the theatre, the camaraderie of friends and fellow artists, and the audience response was their only reward. More than 25 seasons later, Over Our Head Players has our own space at the Sixth Street Theatre, and most of us still work for free. Even our few part-time paid staff also frequently volunteer in other positions. That’s right – from the actors to the ushers, every person volunteers their time and talents.

We joke that we put the "not" in not-for-profit as every penny of our ticket sales goes into producing plays and operating the theatre. With few salaries to pay, we are able to keep our ticket prices down. We are also able to invite talented non-professionals to direct or design, which is a unique opportunity. And, a bunch of theatre people have learned how to stretch a dollar – 89% of our income comes from operations (ticket sales, concessions, program advertising). The remainder is raised through individual donations and corporate contributions. So, we hope that you will help us.

Your donation of $1.00 and up can be made via credit or debit card and will be followed up with a thank you letter from Over Our Head Players, including our Tax ID Number and such for your records.

Thank you again for supporting Theatre in Racine!

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